Choc-secret celebrity newsflash!




Long standing supporter of Dubble, Freema Agyeman, will be returning to her BBC roots (remember she was previously Martha Jones in Doctor Who and Torchwood) in a brand new Cbeebies show call 'Old Jack's Boat'.  She will co-star as Shelley with Bernhard Cribbins as Old Jack. The series is a mix of live action and animation which allows Old Jack to re-live tales of adventure with Shelley and his faithful dog, Salty. 

"If you like the idea of your favourite chocolate snack doing something to change the world - Dubble is the bar for you! How? Well Dubble ensures a fair deal for cocoa farmers! And not only that, it also delivers a 2p donation to Comic Relief with every bar! And now Dubble is dubbling its flavours with a new white crunchy bar!! Dubbly good in every way!" Freema Agyeman, October 2012

Keep an eye on the Dubble choc-blog for more Freema and 'Old Jack's Boat' updates!


this is so amazing i wish i was here i hope the best for this amazing dubble website

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