Dubble Party Party!

Harriet Lamb and Sophi Tranchell

Harriet Lamb, Chief Executive Officer of Fairtrade International and Sophi Tranchell, Managing Director of Divine Chocolate Ltd, dubbled up to congratulate Dubble on the new bars at Harriet’s leaving party last month. Harriet left the UK’s Fairtrade Foundation to take up her new role in Germany in October 2012.

 “Dubble has always been a pioneer in the world of Fairtrade chocolate and I’m delighted to hear about this Fairtrade first … a Fairtrade, farmer-owned chocolate bar that now also donates 2p to Comic Relief all year round. Dubble really is the most delicious way to fight global poverty. I wish Dubble every success with the launch of the new look milk and brand new white chocolate bars. Yum and well done!”  Harriet Lamb, October 2012

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