Visit to Divine’s chocolate factory by Aykan (age 9)

Akyam in the Chocolate Factory

I went with my family to an awesome chocolate factory in Germany two weeks ago. I met lots of my Mummy's friends like Sophi, Erin and Cord. I already knew Cord who owns the factory because we both went to Ghana to see cocoa beans and we both patted a crocodile there.

There were lots of machines that gave out things that tasted like chocolate but weren't chocolate bars yet. One bit had a long conveyor belt and what came out was like chocolate flakes! Before you could go in you had to wear very weird costumes. They looked like lab coats and there were funny lunch lady hats!

The best thing that happened to me was watching a man with two bats in his hands who flipped chocolate bars over and gave me one! They had whole hazelnuts in them. I ate the whole thing. Mmmm. After my Mummy's Board Meeting there were humoungous plates of chocolate pieces on the table and my brother and I hogged them. In two seconds we were thirsty like mad!

Oh yes .. and this is me with the crocodile in Ghana!


l love dubble bars


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