The birth of Dubble

New Korforidua

Together with our partners Comic Relief, we at Divine Chocolate surveyed young people across the land and discovered an appetite to spend their pocket money on a treat that would really make a positive difference to the lives farmers in Africa…. So we set a challenge (announced on BBC TV) – if there was a Fairtrade chocolate bar especially for kids, what would it be & what would it look like?…..16,000 amazing entries later, the idea for Dubble was born…

Ade and Dubble Medal

Ade Adepitan with Dubble medal and Comfort with her Red Nose

"Comic Relief had been supporting development of the Kuapa Kokoo farmers' cooperative for some years when they came up with the idea of setting up their own chocolate company in the UK. Comic Relief aims to find answers to poverty in Africa - and here was a powerful new model - an opportunity for smallscale African farmers to benefit from the wealth they indirectly create.  We got behind Divine Chocolate and then in 2000 launched a new kids' brand, Dubble, with them - to create a vehicle to reach young people with the Fairtrade message.  We have really valued that relationship and would like to acknowledge the amazing passion, resourcefulness and persistence that has made the company the success it is today."

Richard Curtis, screenwriter, director and co-founder of Comic Relief

When we helped launch Dubble back in 2000, I remember dreaming of a day when fairly traded chocolate would be the norm and a bar like Dubble would no longer be necessary.  Incredibly, with 21% of the chocolate market now Fairtrade certified, that day has come.  The ambition for Dubble was for it to be part of a wider programme to raise awareness of fair trade among young people in order to shape the commercial market and we are very proud of what it has achieved. 

Kevin Cahill, Chief Executive, Comic Relief 2014