PaPaPaa Star winner

We have a winner! Meet ‘Choc Star the Rock Star’ (AKA Daniel) – a Dubble Agent on a mission for Fairtrade. Read his superstar winning biography below:

“I would be 'Choc Star' the Rock star, and I would be famous all around the world for singing about Fair Trade chocolate! I would tell all children (and grown-ups!) everywhere about how important it is to buy fair trade and to help others.  And if I got really famous then I would give all my proceeds from my Rock Star album sales to a charity like Oxfam.”

Daniel spent World Fairtrade day chomping on Dubble Fairtrade Chocolate and having his photos taken for the Pa Pa Paa pack in Oxfam’s flagship Islington store.

Daniel, 8, has been a Dubble Agent for years. He explained how Dubble had first introduced him to Fairtrade “I first found the games and competitions on the Dubble website, and then looked around the site. I was shocked to learn how cocoa farmers in Ghana were treated and signed up as a Dubble Agent as a way to help change things for the better.”

His mum, Rebecca, also commented that Dubble had helped Daniel and his brother make their own decisions about how they spent their pocket money.“After being introduced to Dubble, Fairtrade definitely became a priority!”

After the photoshoot Daniel and his family, headed off for a Rainforest experience of their own. Not in Ghana unfortunately, but in The Rainforest Caféin London’s West End.

“I’ve been so excited about today. My favourite part was definitely getting to eat the chocolate!”

Rainforest CafeDaniel in the Rainforest Cafe