The partners who doubled the fame of Dubble

Dennis and Gnasher photo frame

When you’ve got a really exciting mission, other people love to join in – and that’s certainly been the case with Dubble. On its roller coaster ride Dubble has worked with such great partners as Nickelodeon, Christian Aid, The Beano, Puffin and children’s author Tom Palmer, and of course our friends at Comic Relief, especially for Red Nose Day and Sport Relief..

Tom PalmerSara Whacking Dubble

“Dubble has played an important role in getting thousands of children enthused and excited about Fairtrade, understanding where chocolate comes from, and the work farmers put into the cocoa – but most of all empowering them to make a positive change in their world. All at Christian Aid celebrate the successful way Dubble blazed a trail for young people across the UK to switch to fairtrade chocolate bars. Dubble will be missed but its legacy is a nation of young people who know about fairtrade!”

Paul Langley, Christian Aid

'Dubble Bars inspired me to write a book about Fairtrade chocolate and to travel to Ghana to find out more about how they were made. I am proud that one of the characters in my books was a Dubble Agent, hassling shopkeepers to stock the bar. Good bye Dubble.'

Tom Palmer, Children’s Author

"In my capacity as Licensing Agent for The Beano and Dennis the Menace I have worked with Dubble to create a Beano Dubble Easter Egg. We found the experience fun and fulfilling. There was a feel-good factor in working with this brand and knowing that in a small way it was helping to do some good. The Dubble brand has accomplished a lot and has helped children gain an insight into Fairtrade. It has also successfully harnassed the power of Fun in its work! "

Ian Downes, Start Licensing. DC Thomson ‘Beano Relationship’