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The beans reach the chocolate factory in Germany and are turned into yummy Dubble and Divine chocolate!

First, the cocoa liquor & butter are mixed with milk, sugar, and in Dubble's case real vanilla, to produce a runny choc blend called ‘couverture’. This is mixed and mixed and mixed for several days in giant vats to give it a delicious smooth, silky texture.

The liquid chocolate is then tested to make sure the consistency and flavour are right. It should be smooth and silky and have the right ‘mouthfeel’, as it’s known in the business.

Extra ingredients - like Dubble's crisped rice - are added to the runny chocolate 'couverture'  which is then moulded into blocks, wrapped, packed and finally the finished Dubble and Divine is shipped to a giant warehouse in the UK.


First of all the cocoa beans go through a process of roasting and something called ‘winnowing’ to get rid of their shells. Then they can be turned into cocoa butter (which makes chocolate melt in your mouth) and cocoa liquor (which gives chocolate its irresistible taste). In most conventional chocolate bars, vegetable fat is added as well as cocoa butter as it is a cheaper ingredient. But because Dubble is all about giving cocoa farmers a good deal, we use only real cocoa butter and don’t substitute any of it with vegetable fat. We don’t add any artificial ingredients either!


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