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A cocoa tree produces thousands of tiny white flowers and about 20 or 30 of these develop into cocoa pods.

The trees produce pods twice a year between October-February and June-July. The yellow pods can grow up to 35cm long and are shaped like rugby balls.


Cocoa pods start off green and turn bright yellow when they are ripe and ready to be picked. As well as growing on branches, the pods sprout from the trunk of the tree itself, which looks quite strange!


It usually takes between 3-5 years for a cocoa tree to mature and to produce cocoa pods. The cocoa pods have the all-important cocoa beans inside them.

When a cocoa tree is grown up it can reach heights of up to 5 metres.


The cocoa pods are split open with huge knives called machetes. Farmers have to concentrate very hard, otherwise they may cut their fingers off! Inside the cocoa pods are 30-40 cocoa beans and some white sticky gooey pulpy stuff that tastes tangy and fruity, a bit like lychees!

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