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The Dubble and Divine chocolate bars have now reached the warehouse in the UK. Now it is the job of Divine Chocolate Ltd to sell the chocolate to supermarkets and wholesalers.

Lots of things can influence the decision of a shop to buy chocolate… especially you! Supermarkets and shops care what you think. They need you and your family to spend money with them in order to make their business work. In 2014, 21% of the UK chocolate market is certified Fairtrade but when Dubble and Divine started out it was a different story - positive pester power really works!

The chocolate industry is very competitive and new products are launched all the time. Think of it like the music charts; some songs go out of the charts because not enough records have sold. These tunes are replaced by other ones that are selling better. Keep Fairtrade on the shelves, vote with your tastebuds and choose Divine chocolate!

Whenever you can’t see Divine Fairtrade chocolate in the shops, take action and ask the shop manager to ‘Stock the choc’.

You can also find the full Divine chocolate range in the online shop here.