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Your chocolate bar begins its journey up a tree! Cocoa trees grow in hot, damp climates in countries on or near the equator, such as Ghana in Africa and Brazil in South America.

Phew! The heat makes it hard work for cocoa farmers who have to keep an eye on the fast-growing weeds and carry heavy cocoa pods around.

When a cocoa tree is young, it needs the friendly shade of other trees such as coconut and banana trees to protect it from the fierce African sun.


There are loads of exotic fruit and vegetables that grow amongst the cocoa trees including coconuts, pineapples, plantains, and palm nuts. Farmers will use this food to feed their family, and sometimes they will sell it to earn extra cash


The forest floor is a dangerous place for farmers. There are poisonous snakes, scorpions and all kinds of insects. Cocoa farmers wear wellington boots to protect themselves