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What a journey! The Dubble and Divine bars have finished their trek from bean to bar. The final piece in the chocolate chain is YOU! The choices you make when you reach for a chocolate bar have an influence all the way back through the chain to its very beginning, the cocoa farmer.

In the UK, as of 2014, 21% of the chocolate market is certified Fairtrade but remember the farmers of Kuapa Kokoo in Ghana would love to sell all of their cocoa beans to Fairtrade companies. What's more, Divine Chocolate Ltd are proving that Fairtrade is just the beginning and the Kuapa Kokoo farmers are proud to co-own Divine Chocolate Ltd and have a say in how their chocolate is made and a share of the profits too!

Check out this great little film about how Divine and Dubble have led the way to change the way the chocolate industry is working.

You can also find out more about the 'bean to bar' journey here and loads more resources on Fairtrade and cocoa at - the best (and tastiest) Fairtrade teaching site ever!


Use your 'positive pester power' to encourage your friends and family to choose Fairtrade when they go shopping. Here's a selection of all the products you can buy Fairtrade in the UK.

Keep up with the world of Divine here and you can sign up to the newsletter too to be first in on news, competitions and new products!


Pa Pa Paa LIVE brings a child's eye view of everyday life from a school in Ghana with videos made by the children of Fairtrade cocoa farmers. Each video is about 5 mins long with subtitles and is supported by teaching resouces. Every month a new video is posted up - free to watch and enjoy. You can also subscribe for a term (£10) to have access to the archive of over 30 videos and support the Kuapa Kids Community Project