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Tough TimesWorking TogetherProud OwnersA Bar is BornDubble Act

As well as getting a fair price for their cocoa, Kuapa Kokoo are also part-owners of the company that makes Dubble and Divine chocolate – Divine Chocolate Ltd.

Who owns Divine Chocolate Ltd?

International NGO, Christian Aid, owns preference shares and the leading UK charity, Comic Relief, enthusiastically support Divine with a seat on the board. 

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Divine Chocolate Ltd launched it's first chocolate bar in 1998. Divine is the first farmer-owned chocolate company in the UK. Now cocoa farmers in Ghana can have a say in how their chocolate is produced and sold in the UK and a share in the profits too! This is especially good news for the Kuapa Kokoo cocoa farmers because there is more profit to be made from selling chocolate than a raw commodity like cocoa. 

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