FairtradeFairtrade ChocolateSocial PremiumShopping can change the worldWhat can I do?Social Premium

Fairtrade ChocolateSocial premiumShopping can change the world What can I do?

For every tonne of cocoa sold to make Dubble and Divine, Kuapa Kokoo is paid a Fairtrade price plus an extra amount, called the Social Premium. 

The Social Premium is also set by an independent body called the Fairtrade Labelling Organisation. It is set at $200 per tonne of cocoa sold (about £7 per sack of cocoa).

All products with a Fairtrade Mark pay a social premium to the farmers they work with.  Kuapa Kokoo has used the social premium from Fairtrade chocolate to invest in many projects, like clean water wells, medical supplies and new schools which help the whole community.  


Watch life at a local school in Ghana, funded by social premiums from the sales of Fairtrade chocolate.


In some areas of Ghana up to 75% of people depend on streams, rivers, ponds and open wells for drinking water. The social premium from Fairtrade chocolate has made a huge difference to some villages by being used to construct clean water wells. The well in the picture was built in a village called Fenaso Domeabra in Ghana. Previously the people in the village had to fetch their water from a far away source which was polluted by a poison called arsenic coming from a nearby goldmine


"I’ve seen first hand what Fairtrade can achieve. I visited a well, paid for by the Fairtrade premium, which meant a whole village, men, women and children, stopped getting chronically ill through drinking polluted river." - Harry Hill, Comedian


Comic Relief looks for long-term solutions to the bigger problems that affect the world's poorest people. Fairtrade is one of these solutions, because it enables poor farmers to build themselves a better future and guarantees them longer-term security. Comic Relief launched Dubble as part of its belief that fairer trade is crucial in the fight against poverty. Now, in a Fairtrade first, Dubble is also giving back with 2p from every bar sold donated to Comic Relief Charity Projects.