House Rules


Dubble HQ reads every message and Mission report before it is published. If you break any of these 9 house rules, your message will not be published.

1. Keep personal details private

Surnames, school names, addresses, telephone numbers and details of specific places where you hang out are NOT allowed on the site. Any information that could identify you will be rejected for your own safety.

2. Never give out email addresses, Instant Messenger ID's and personal websites.

As in Rule 1, this is for your own safety!

3. Dubble Agent names must be suitable!

No rude or offensive names! Also no really really long Dubble Agent names because they will not fit on the page.

4. No nasty, rude, offensive or argumentative messages or images!

A good discussion or piccy is always cool but nasty or mean messages or pictures that wind other up will not be accepted!

5. No photographs of you, your mates or your family

For your own safety, Dubble HQ will not publish any photographs or images that may identify you, your family or friends.

6. Keep your message short and sweet!

To leave room for everyone else's messages, keep your comments quite short. Also please don't stretch your text like thisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss, it will mess up the layout of the site. Keep words and kisses short or put regular spaces in like this xxx xxx xxx xxx.

7. No Spam!

Repetitive, pointless, advertising messages are not allowed here.

8. Don't pretend to be someone you're not!

Be yourself! Why bother pretending to be older, younger, bigger or smaller.

9. No Code or foreign languages!

Everyone must be able to easily understand your message. This means other Dubble Agents as well as the hosts and moderators! We can't allow messages which are written in code or a language which isn’t English.