Worst Christmas present Choc-Blog

Worst Christmas Present Choc Blog

We LOVED reading about our Dubble Agents worst Christmas presents. Can you top any of these favourites?

  • The famously bad Christmas sweater - bright pink and mustard with 'Puppy Love' emblazened across it - nice.
  • A plastic poo! How thoughtful.
  • Socks socks socks socks socks and stinky perfume that smells of socks!
  • An inflatable coathanger - handy for when you're going surfing in a suit.
  • Lots of domestic goodies - clothes pegs and washing tablets in individual wrappers (nothing but the best), a dustpan and brush or perhaps just a plain old broom handle to fill you with Christmas cheer.
  • A day spent on a Space Hopper you didn't want - exhuasting.
  • A booklet with 'recipes for meals where teeth are not required' - sounds souper.
  • A grow your own brocolli kit, a hand knitted tissue holder with no tissues or perhaps just a plain old cardboard box with nothing in it!

Thanks for sharing Dubble Agents. You've had Dubble HQ chuckling away for days. Merry Christmas!

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