Lorraine Pascale visits Kuapa Kokoo for Comic Relief

Lorraine Pascale visits KuapaAs part of Comic Relief’s ‘Great British Bake Off’, Lorraine Pascale visited a cocoa farming village in Ghana to witness first-hand the benefits Kuapa Kokoo membership has brought to the community.

Water pumps, bringing fresh water to farming villages, have been one of the biggest benefits. Without water pumps, cocoa farmers have to drink water from local streams, which carry the risk of infection from diseases such as bilharzia and cholera.

“My son got seriously ill from the bad water we were drinking. Thank god he survived… If Kuapa hadn’t come I don’t know what life would have been like…Without Kuapa I don’t know how we would have managed.” Paul Odama Darkwa

Kuapa Water Pump in GhanaWater pump in Kuapa Kokoo village

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