Dubble's Fabulous Famous Friends


Dubble has been very lucky to have some rather amazing famous friends who were excited to hear what Dubble was up to and supported the brand right away. Many of them were lovely Comic Relief supporters too – like Lenny Henry, Tony Robinson, Ant & Dec – and others, like Dr Who actress Freema Agyeman, we made friends with all on our own. Every single one has given Dubble a fantastic boost and helped the brand reach lots more people.


Top: Tony Robinson (AKA Baldric) and Above: Lenny Henry, JK Rowling and Freema Agyeman with Dubble bars

"When Dubble was launched back in 2000 - I thought it was a great idea and it really struck a chord with kids who know about things being 'fair' and 'not fair'.  Dubble and Divine galvanise people to get behind Fairtrade - and give us great chocolate at the same time."  Jo Brand, comedian

"Dubble is the chocolate bar with a mission.  It has inspired the young generation to make a noise about Fairtrade and has proven that change is possible"  Ben Elton, writer and comedian

"If you like the idea of your favourite chocolate snack doing something to change the world - Dubble is the bar for you! How? Well Dubble ensures a fair deal for cocoa farmers!"  Freema Agyeman, actor

"A chocolate bar just for children; award-winning resources for teachers; multimedia campaigns for young people.  Dubble is Fairtrade and delicious, with a dash of Comic Relief.  Not just a cunning plan – Dubble, you’ve done it! " Tony Robinson, actor and presenter


Billy Connolly and Jo Brand with Dubble bars