Dubble's Legacy is PaPaPaa!

Pa Pa Paa

The Dubble bar may be saying goodbye – but Dubble was always so much more than a bar. Dubble created a very tasty way of entering the world of Fairtrade, discovering the lives of cocoa farmers, learning about how trade works, and the power we have when we go shopping.

The original Papapaa learning resources have grown into a comprehensive multimedia set that has been used by teachers to guide thousands of schoolchildren all over the country along the bean to bar journey, and created a new generation wanting more from the companies they buy from.  And now there is PapapaaLIVE too – bringing the ideas, views and aspirations of cocoa farmers’ children live into the classroom. Schools can subscribe to a year’s worth of webcasts and opportunities for young people here to interact with their contemporaries in Ghana.

And of course for everyone who loved chomping on a smooth chocolate Dubble bar – never fear, there’s all those great Divine bars to choose from in supermarkets, Oxfam, and independent stores all over the country.

“Dubble is more than a slab of chocolate. It’s also the key which opens up the issues of Fairtrade and to children with education packs and a website.” The Evening Standard, 2004

Kids CampKids Filming

"I have developed a strong attachment to the Dubble brand over the past 12 years when I first volunteered for the "Dubble Lives Linkage project" in 2002 and later worked for the "Fairtrade Education Project". I will remember it first and foremost for how it brought children of cocoa growers in Ghana and chocolate lovers in the UK together. Dubble was indeed "Dubbly" good. It sweetened the tongues of chocolate lovers and provided better lives for growers." Kwabena Addo, Kuapa Kokoo Ltd

“Dubble and Pa Pa Paa have had a far-reaching impact on UK schools and have played a valuable role in teaching young people (and teachers) about Fairtrade. Chocolate is a really captivating focus for learning, and what a tool Dubble has been to help teach the complex story of the cocoa supply chain. Whilst sad about the loss of Dubble, the Fairtrade schools team is delighted that the Pa Pa Paa packs and www.papapaa.org/live continue to thrive. They are immensely unique and valuable resources for schools, especially those working towards Fairtrade Awards.” Kate Jones, Education Campaigns Manager, Fairtrade Schools

Harriet Lamb with Dubble

“Young people are the future of Fairtrade, and today the greatest energy in the UK campaign is in schools seeking to meet Fairtrade goals. You can see the chocolate fingerprints of Dubble and its Agents all over that. Dubble was the first brand directly to engage young people in Fairtrade – with a yummy chocolate bar for them to enjoy and a chunk of information about young people and farmers in Ghana to inspire them. What’s more, the children of cocoa farmers in Ghana were also inspired by Dubble and will continue to share their child’s eye view of life in cocoa farming communities. I’m so happy the legacy and story of Dubble Fairtrade chocolate will continue to be taught in schools through Pa Pa Paa and Pa Pa Paa Live! And the question now is: what amazing Fairtrade ideas can kids come up with next to follow Dubble’s lead…?” Harriet Lamb CEO Fairtrade International