By Kids, For Kids

Kids with Dubble and Football

From the start Dubble was so much more than a rather delicious chocolate bar – it was an idea developed and grown by the young people who had demanded their own way to support Fairtrade. A fan club of Dubble Agents started to grow, whose passion for changing the world chunk by chunk knew no bounds. Amongst the some 50,000 signed up agents here are just a few of messages they posted …

Mission Possible shopDubble in the shop

“I couldn't believe that cocoa farmers didn't get paid fairly for all the work they do, but now I do I have been doing my very hardest to help people understand what Fairtrade chocolate is and why it's better. I told my head teacher about Fairtrade and he's now helping me to make an assembly in the far future about Fairtrade chocolate to spread the word in my school! ”Agent Jimbolimboboy

“I had always loved chocolate and when I found out about Dubble chocolate I joined straight away. Now as I am part of the school council in my school, I am putting up posters everywhere to encourage people to buy Fairtrade products and I have managed to persuade my teacher to do a few lessons on Fairtrade. I take the matter of Fairtrade very seriously. GO DUBBLE CHOC BARS!” Agent Chocoluva

“We have been doing fair trade at my school and i did a talk about dubble chocolate and told everyone to become a member and at least half of my class have told me they have joined!” Agent ilovetwinks

Dream TeamStepnen and Joyceline with Dubble