Goodbye Ghana!

On the last day of Kids Camp we were treated to fantastic performances from the children.

Bayerbon no 3 school performed a play which tackled the thorny issue of a family with some of the richer members choosing money and upward mobility over respect for family and education. Their fate turned when the ‘big man’ died and his family became unstuck because of the land laws underpinning Ghanaian society. The chief of the village ended up taking the rich family’s land - leaving them at the mercy of family members whom they had previously scorned.

Ghana flag facts

Ghana FlagsDo you know why the Ghana Flag is made up of red, yellow and green horizontal stripes with a black central star? No? Nor did we but the kids at the Kuapa Kids Camp soon put us in the picture. Red is ‘for the blood of our ancestors fighting for independence’. Yellow is for ‘the mineral wealth of our land’ and green is for ‘the forestation’.  And the black star? This represents ‘the hope of Africa’.

Sara and Kika @Dubble HQ

Food For Thought - Ghana Style!

Kids Camp FoodThe food at the Kids Camp was a big part of the experience. One of the traditional Ghanaian foods is called ‘Banku’ which we got to sample during our trip.

‘Banku’ is a tasty combo between mashed potato and dumpling in looks and slightly in taste. It is really sticky and served on a plate next to a bowl of delicious spicy okra and mutton soup with super hot chillis.


Ok – so the holidays are over and it’s back to school. How were your holidays? Packed with excitement or a looooongg slow drag through endless days?
Photos from Ghana 1Dubble HQ had fun in the Ghanaian sun! We headed off to Ghana for a whirlwind week of cocoa farms and travel. Our mission?  To be part of the 8th Kuapa Kids Camp. 
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